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Aimed at the future IP network path analysis of high-performance design challenges.
Accesses the net the time: In June, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition
Author: Liu Yiyuan
Along with the wireless infrastructure to high performance 3G and above system development, the service provider, 基站 the suppliers all faces the huge challenge which the demand grows. Former take expands the user group as a goal, expands to existing and emerging market 覆盖率 (for example 2G, 2.5G) at the same time, also in order to can provide the higher data bandwidth service the 3G+ market to occupy the small space to try hard. Supports the many kinds of technologies and the standard, reduces the capital outlay and the sales volume proportion all becomes reduces the whole expenditure the key aspect. At the same time, 基站 the supplier also take the lower single item development and the research and development cost as a goal, based on the standard development, uses less hardware or rises in &#118alue through software obtains the relatively cheap module 基站 platform; In addition, even also accepts the commercial chip and comes from the third party hardware module (baseband and radio frequency card). Wireless future: Provides 10 time of band widths by 1,/10 cost The attention to the core network, the wireless network controller, 基站 these three big domains IDT Corporation, used in on the other day in industry the jieshou funds the DSP colony's pretreatment exchange (PPS, Pre-processing Switch) at the chip new product release conference, will describe the current wireless infrastructure to everybody the future tendency: 基站 must be able to process the multichannel, moreover each 基站 all must support more users, simultaneously achieved remarkably reduces the cost the goal, even can provide 10 time of band widths by 1,/10 cost. Beane: "The elimination" the double port memory, unloads the DSP low &#118alue duty through the pretreatment Provides 10 time of band widths by 1,/10 cost? This absolutely is as appropriation lets 基站 the supplier, the service provider from interlock the transformation time obtains "double wins" one of essential conditions in at present as the standard exchange, but the price expensive 基站 chip (especially baseband module partial) lets the supplier shrink back at the sight □□the system to be more and more complex, in the design process needs to process the operation and the enhancement computation also tends to numerous and diverse. Then, how the chip provider can provide in view of the specific application market, also based on the standard "the low cost" the product? IDT Corporation will design key locking in the DSP base group, when will accept "International Electronic Market condition" the interview, they indicated: "Generally speaking, the core network, the wireless network controller (RNC) as well as 基站 can rely on the DSP colony, thus may meet the key processing need, including is high speed, the low speed data rate transformation, the transmission and the control, QoS as well as the nimble skeleton. At the same time, but also must consider each profession standard brings challenge." Therefore, shifts along with the field from the appropriation agreement to the opening standard, IDT believed that, 基站 the chip supplier needs gradually to reduce the ASIC engineering design team scale, the technical cost therefore can assume the exponential growth, more and more many companies can promote based on the standard exchange and interlock the product, and gradually therefore obtains benefits. Pretreatment, DSP/CRP "low &#118alue" duty unloading IDT flow control management department high-quality product Manager Bill Beane indicated that, "The infrastructure overhead construction goal including passes through the standard and the application repetition use, as well as specially supports inserts in the type processing application the coordinated correspondence." In view of the preceding overhead construction goal, IDT introduced to "International Electronic Market condition" causes the exchange structure permission board card overhead construction and the part chooses "foresightedness authentication" □□the pretreatment exchange, PreProcessing Switch. This is the IDT newest development, may for the board level, the distribution and in the acceleration wireless infrastructure application inserts the product which between the processor and the DSP colony's data-handling capacity optimizes, optimizes for the next generation DSP serial interface, based on serial RapidIO (sRIO). It is reported, the pretreatment exchange chip provides for 基站, RNC and the media gateway strengthens the DSP resources potency the solution, may enhance fixed quantity DSP the handling ability, and obtains the more DSP ability to carry out a more advanced operation. IDT is takes the lead to promote the pretreatment exchange chip the merchant We knew, 基站 the baseband module uses the tradition solution is uses FPGA or the ASIC ordinary exchange chip, simultaneously increases DSP the computation period, and depends upon the double port memory to realize the reference data processing and the distributed ability. IDT introduced to us uses the pretreatment exchange chip the next generation solution □□the double port memory "the elimination", carries out the tradition data processing and exchanges the structure integration, through provided DSP low end processing the unloading to have custom-made the function to enhance the efficiency, also therefore reduced or eliminated to the FPGA/ASIC demand. In other words, "the pretreatment", may regard as is "the DSP/CRP unloading engine", through independent, has inserted the pretreatment exchange chip which CPRI/sRIO transforms, in front of DSP processing data, DSP/CRP "low &#118alue" or "repetition" the duty unloads, enables DSP better to complete the important processing task. These the function which "the unloading" get down from DSP includes: Interior information packet and internal sampling processing, integrated DMA ability and multi- inputs resources summation information packet ability. Beane introduces: "Concrete said that, IDT provides for user's choice including aims at in the sampling length, the information packet sampling rearranges, rises the foreword to transform (MSB/LSB), the mix or the decomposition information packet, many information packet summation, the group broadcasts the information packet, transmits the sampling to the memory in respective concrete position (DMA). The user certainly may act according to own demand possibly chooses "the unloading" the operation. These choices by the software realization, adopts the corresponding software disposition in the different application." Starts from the flow control mentality, with DSP merchant maintenance cooperation Leadership carries on the product definition and the development IDT flow control management department by Bill the Beane (FCM) proposes this design mentality in two years ago. The flow control management, is precisely assists the data stream to turn on/the formation in the electronic system to dispatch, as well as carries on the strategy management, the reshaping, the dispatcher and the transmission in the electronic subsystem to the data stream. The FCM team believed that, unloading &#118alue low processing may cause DSP to concentrate in the higher &#118alue operation, this will be helpful to the customer provides by same or the lower cost a competitor is higher than appropriation &#118alue. At the same time, the DSP colony also can support more channels or the user, reduces the specific capacity the overall power loss. After two years research and development, the test, IDT officially promoted this section on the other day to the field specially for the wireless baseband processing application design pretreatment exchange chip, at present entered AMC to conceal/the debugging establishment stage. Provides the wireless 基站 semiconductor solution the Texas Instruments (TI) to display the strong interest to such design, continuously with IDT cooperation development, its TC16482 DSP then coordinated IDT the PPS chip to enter the debugging stage. TI participates in this cooperation project the development expression that, "Through PPS, IDT and our common customer can the DSP colony's important function effective display, especially regarding the wireless 基站 processing application." Beane also stated that, "Our PPS pretreatment exchange chip may use in the many kinds of 基站 types, including CDMA2000, WCDMA as well as develops rapid TD-SCDMA in China. Therefore with the TI maintenance cooperation, we may based on widespread application TI the DSP chip, achieve best the PPS pretreatment process effect." Through unloading simple data processing duty, DSP potency maximum limit display. It is reported, the IDT this issue pretreatment exchange chip may carry on the disposition to 40 sRIO link, supports 22 sRIO the 1x width the port or 10 sRIO the 4x width port, or 4x and 1x combination end. Each port may carry on 1.25Gb, 2.5Gb or the 3.125Gb transmission speed, as well as short distance (chip to chip) or long distance (ledger wall) transmitting range independent programming. This processing way may expand, is helpful meets widespread wireless and the non- wireless application need, each port speed, the width and the breadth all may carry on the independent disposition. General Manager IDT Chinese area the yellow daybreak introduced that, IDT has at present provided the PPS chip sample, and promotes in July pastes installs on the compatible ATCA appraisal board the pretreatment exchange chip, this November carries on the production, will use conforms to RoHS the instruction BGA-676 seal. What is worth mentioning, IDT is first provides the complete green seal the merchant. From the green seal initial period, IDT provides not only only is the non- lead product or conforms to the RoHS product, but is simultaneously conforms to WEEE, RoHS and the non- lead standard. This company once announced in 2004 year's end that, the production correspondence component 99% all used has not completely had the lead green environmental protection seal. The coming soon RoHS instruction becomes effective Japan regarding July 1, IDT displays with other merchant out of the ordinary self-confidence, and expressed the future will be able to carry on to these green environmental protection seal products unceasingly optimizes.
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