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Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) Part NO.
The high performance simulated IC to provide has held face the engine controls the system, the automobile body electronic products and to rest the system to be highly effective。 Part NO.
TI serves a large number of customers across Part NO.
Discrete devices are single-function Part NO.
NEC's latest Global advertising campaign featuring Part NO.
Maxim has struck an optimal balance Part NO.
From business-focus to human-focus. Part NO.
Hitachi marked the 100th anniversary Part NO.
Xilinx is one of the leading providers who provides the programable , Part NO.
The production line about Alitera includes GPLD:1.FLEX6000,FLEX8000,MAX9000 Part NO.
National Semiconductor corporation is an American state-owned semiconductor corporation,which is one of the old famous semiconductor producers. Part NO.
Freescale Semiconductor Company (NYSE; FSL, FSL.B) is a leading supplier of designing Part NO.
Infineon Tech Company, lying in Munich Germany, provides semiconductors, system and safe mobile solution projects and memory products for automobile, industrial and techcommunication market. Part NO.
The European established brand electron merchant, one of world-class electron big companies, Part NO.
IR American international rectifers corporation ,wich is famous for providing high-efficient power parts of apparatus Part NO.
ST Company provides series of semiconductors, such as amplifier, comparator, voltage adjuster, Part NO.
Cypress Semiconductor is a supplier of pluralistic electronic element relying mainly on communication Part NO.
Most products of Fujitsu are peripheral circuits of computer,communications, industrial circuits Part NO.
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