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At the China 3G "big cake" high authorized OEM part of the SMIC chip
Accesses the net the time: On August 1, 2006
Article origin: International electronic market condition
US high passed the company (Qulacomm) to announce on the other day that, international (SMIC) has signed the strategic agreement with the center core, center core international for Gao Tongdai labor partial chips production. Center the core international for high will pass the company in its Tianjin factory to provide the chip production service, will use the special BiCMOS processing technology. Gao Tong indicated that, in the synthesis the core international chip manufacturing capacity as well as the subcontract ability, will put with emphasis on a power source management chip aspect generation of labor. Center the core international took the Chinese inland is biggest and one of most advanced chip generation of labor companies, may provide 0.35 micron to 90 nanometer and the more advanced craft chip manufacture service. The company in the Shanghai transport business three 8 inch chips factories, in Tianjin transport business 8 inch chips factories, and in Beijing transport business 12 inch chips factories, this is Chinese inland 12th the inches chips factories first official transport business. High passes the related public figure to indicate, therefore in the choice the core international generation of labor partial chips product, is because may use a more economical effective way to speed up the product to go on the market the speed. High passes CDMA technology group president Sang Jie Dr. Jia indicated, this agreement on the one hand was for fulfill Gao Tong to China's consistent pledge; On the other hand also can let high pass further optimizes the operation, reduces the development cycle, and even more concentrates the core technology which high passes. The professional believed that, high passes the choice to use the core international generation of labor to demonstrate its hope draws close to the Chinese 3G market which soon starts.
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