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Shanghai Science and Technology Commission will hold project examination and re-Z228 have financial support again.
Accesses the net the time: On August 1, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition author:
Wang Yan The Shanghai science committee's recently held the project approval meeting, was outstanding (Jade) by Shanghai micro electron development multimedia processor chip Z228 to obtain the project approval group the approval, obtained passes. Encounters the exposure after the Shanghai some University's processor project, the Shanghai science committee low key hold this project approval meeting, and discretely refused to accept from any aspect interview. But, outstanding results in Z228 which is different with the above project obviously already smooth walked from the algorithm to the commercial use entire process, and is included Ai Mo to live this "the influential merchant" to use. Under the present quite subtle situation, the Shanghai science committee holds such activity as before, without doubt responded from the side it to is outstanding the Z228 approval. The Z228e industry research and development work mainly includes: The core sound video frequency arranges the decoding algorithm, high speed picture processing module, chip system overhead construction design, chip design realization, core 片流 piece, with chip joint operation equipment actuation, real-time operating system transplant and development, upper formation application software design, in view of different application system reference design. Comes the approval group which from Qinghua, the second dawn, the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the National University of Defense Technology as well as the Shanghai Bell Alcatel's famous expert composes in the approval opinion which the meeting announced to indicate that, "Z228 integrated 250MHz ARM the CPU essence, the MPEG-4 form video frequency hardware entire duplex has arranged the decoding, the enhancement function video frequency/imagery processing and the demonstration module and each kind of general outside supposed the connection. Because Z228e arranges the decoding with the entire hardware way realization complex video frequency, its application development cycle short, system power consumption low, the research and development cost is easy to control. Arranges the decoding aspect in the chip system overhead construction chord video frequency to have the innovation, applies for 11 domestic and foreign patents in the project implementation process, 1 domestic patent obtains the authorization." "3 years ago we knew is outstanding the plan to use 0.13 micron to carry on uses the ARM926 nucleus the chip design, this in said at that time nearly was mission impossible. Because the domestic design level also just was in for 0.18 microns time." ARM Corporation China area president Tan Jun indicated that, "helped them for this us to relate TSMC, caused mainland China first to use the ARM926 essence, 0.13 microns craft SoC chip appears in China." As the project research and development in close partner, ARM Corporation China area president Tan Jun, ARM Corporation carried out vice- President processor department General Manager Graham Budd to attend a meeting as a non-voting delegate the conference. In addition, 积电 Chinese area General Manager Zhao Yingcheng, the Chinese area service develops inspector general Chen Pingye to appear in the conference scene. Zhao Yingcheng indicated that, has the ability to provide the high end handset multimedia processor chip the merchant only to have Intel, TI, Freescale and so on the international big plant, but while ago Intel to this service giving up also even more explained attacks this market the degree of difficulty. "Took fledgling firm, is outstanding the highly can rapidly infiltrate the high end market in vertical division of labor IC industry, displays not vulgarly." Is outstanding president Ouyang to gather the disclosure, at present Z228 had more than 10 customers to use the preview as well as the reference design proposal which outstanding results in carries on the product design. "Before quickest year's end will be able to appear has used the Z228 related product sample." He said. It is reported, in the project after the approval, will be outstanding obtains from science committee's several million projects funds support.
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