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Breakthrough speed, interconnection barriers, the latest system-level packaging technology of NEC shock stage.
Accesses the net the time: On August 8, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition
NEC Corporation announced one kind of new system level seal (SiP) the technology, and declares its may in the sole seal the storehouse logic and lucky compared to the top grade memory, thus realizes high velocity high sharp image processing on the mobile equipment. NEC pointed out that, this item of named SMAFTI technology uses the three dimensional chip connection, has about 60 micron slits and 50 micron spacings micro spots between the logic and the storage device, can support reaches as high as the 100Gb each second transmission speed. The designer if and other has the strict limit in the handset to the size and the power in the portable equipment to use the Smafti technology, will be allowed to realize can the resolution which will compare favorably with with the high clear television. NEC advanced equipment development enterprise department General Manager Takaaki Kuwata indicated that, "The portable expense class equipment regarding the digital video frequency television, the digital video frequency game and other digital video frequency functions intense demands, is impelling to have the quartz high is clear (crystal-clear) the high speed picture processing need." Takaaki pointed out that, "The system level chip (SOC) the technology has the insufficiency in the development cost and the memory capacity, but traditional SiP product then because of 转接板thicker causes the seal to be bigger, and in the signalling speed, the wiring interlocks the nature and the chip arranges abreast in row on has the limitation. The new Smafti technology successfully has solved these problems, and causes engineer to be allowed highly effective to design and to produce uses in to move the electronic installation the high performance system. NEC discloses said that, the Smafti technology is uses three kind of essential technical developments to become: 50 microns spacings micro spots interlock the technology, the connection performance outstanding 15 microns thick lead pass 转接板the technology, as well as multi- pieces assembly technology. NEC indicated, based on Smafti technology product hopefully in 2007 first quarter period is published by each kind of size non- lead seal form.
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