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XinChuang Companies aiming to create a new low-power chip WiMAX cell phone use.
Accesses the net the time: In July, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition
Author: Mai Li
In the near future will conduct in the American California the wireless venture capital seminar (Wireless Ventures conference) on, two will devote to introduces WiMAX in the honeycomb handset the newly creation chip company quietly to brave. Although WiMAX still prepared was disputed, but the field to the expectation which its placed actually in this venture capital conference further elevates, some conference participants will indicate, this kind of technology could realize the better motion video frequency service, will become based on the fourth generation of Internet agreement (IP) motion network competitor. These two companies respectively are Israel's Altair semiconductor company and US'S Troicom Corporation. Two companies both plan in 2007 second half year promote respectively surrender the funds chip preview, and all keeps one's mouth shut to the correlation technology detail question. But, two companies disclosed that, they are designing one kind to be possible the combined type media which (RF) the chip works together with the third party WiMAX radio frequency to visit a controller (MAC) and the physical level (PHY) the chip, and in signs in the security agreement situation to be possible to provide the detailed material. WiMAX technology based on IEEE 802.16 standards, root to local multi- spots distribution service (LMDS) and so on fixed wireless wide band technology. The Intel company pledged from 2007 beginning, this technology and 802.11 Wi-Fi fusion rapidly spreads in it (Centrino) in the notebook computer chip group, thus lit the market to the WiMAX enthusiasm. The WiMAX achievement inherits the third generation honeycomb wireless technology the competition technology potential, caused many people all to realize the huge opportunity which it contained. The 4G honeycomb technology roughly the concept is based on the IP network, provides the content by the Internet, but non- operation business appropriation server center (server farm). Looked like from this point that, and high passes the company MediaFLO standard based on DVB-H the emerging motion television network is only one kind of transition service, finally will broadcast the video frequency completely all to transmit through Web. "This is precisely our institute Le Jian." Motorola company mobile equipment General Manager Scott Durchslag expressed in this conference. But, even if also has the intense argument in the Intel interior, namely expedites the WiMAX notebook computer in 2007 the plan whether realistic, or speaking of the WiMAX handset, three to five year more long term opportunities is whether more important, market research firm Gartner famous analyst Kenneth Dulaney talks about in a conference group discussion. Under the WiMAX handset prospect drive, the Altair semiconductor and Troicom Corporation arise at the historic moment in 2005. Two companies both indicated that, their essential target realizes the lowest power loss. Altair chief executive officer Oded Melamed indicated, its Prophet component in waits for an opportunity under the pattern power loss is only 1mW. This company stated that, through the conformity system level function, with other network agreement coexistences, as well as speeds up the WiMAX signal gathering speed, this kind of component may delay until long the dormancy time. Chart 1: WiMAX is in the next generation honeycomb technology outstanding person, and in the good link has in the under good link has a bigger superiority. In the overall concept, "our each other quite approaches", Troicom chief executive officer Brandon Bae when refers to Altair mentioned. Troicom MX1000 is for the purpose of causing the peak &#118alue power loss to fall to 500mW under, this is the most high level which the present 802.16d chip can achieve. Bae pointed out, newest 802.16e migration standard general need bigger power loss, but relative says, best handset Wi-Fi chip peak &#118alue power loss below 100mW. The match machine producer said that, the WiMAX silicon chip arranges in the first three first considerations essential factor is "a lower power loss, a lower power loss and a lower power loss." Bae thought "this is the quite arduous duty." The Troicom plan promotes its component in September the complete function FPGA demonstration version, and the third quarter carries on the ASIC edition in 2007 the type. Test chip by 130 nanotechnologies manufactures, but the final commercial design possibly needs to use 90 nanometer crafts, this company expressed. The market observes the personnel to point out that, to 2010, will possibly have 300 million telephones to use WiMAX. But, must achieve this number magnitude, the chip cost must fall to the existing handset Wi-Fi chip 5 US dollars price level. These two newly create the company all to face the massive competitor, including is carrying on the cooperation with Intel on the notebook computer WiMAX chip the BeCeem correspondence company. "The handset and the notebook computer need to use the different overhead construction and the power management technology." Altair Melamed explanation. Other is being engaged in the WiMAX chip the company also to have Fujitsu, Runcom, Tristar, Sequans, Telecis and Wavesat. Some news called Marvell also develops the WiMAX chip in the low key. WiMAX sacrifice migration video frequency quality? Although some handset producers indicated, WiMAX can support the motion video frequency quality, but current many browsed company still not too to feel relieved to this question. "In the video frequency quality aspect, WiMAX changed the game rule." Motorola's Durchslag indicated. He has carried on wireless and WiMAX and the simulation and the HD video frequency the comparison, the conclusion is the wireless motion video frequency has in the clarity and the framing rate aspect the sacrifice. Motorola started to develop emphatically the video frequency handset, just like its ROKR handset aiming music is same, he mentions. But WiMAX not yet includes in any concrete product development plan. "We at present are devoting to realize our 2007 annual products road map, and has completed 2008 the strategic plan. We regard WiMAX do on this development path a huge opportunity, but at present we diligently are promoting 3G." He expressed. Even Research in Motion Corporation (RIM) does not hold the optimistic manner in the motion television aspect, the partial reasons lie in the bandwidth ratio majority honeycomb system which the video frequency needs to be able to provide are bigger, but the RIM main focal point as soon as releases directly for on the commercial user, RIM group vice- president David Werezak talks about. But, RIM still later promotes the multimedia black raspberry telephone in this year (Blackberry phone), he supplemented the road. Microsoft's high level also to moves the manner which the video frequency and the emerging motion television service displays 喜忧参半. "In some kind of degree, this domain is at the chaotic experimental stage," Microsoft moves and inserts type department senior vice- president Peter Knook to point out, "but nobody clear needs the technology or the service pattern should be any type. We also diligently are seeking the correct content pattern."
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