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Infineon took the lead in the introduction and support WiMedia band's first UWB transceiver.
Accesses the net the time: On July 21, 2006
Article origin: International electronic market condition
England flies insults had determined a section double frequency ultra-wide band (UWB) transceiver tapeout, it is said that this product will strengthen the motion product the wide band communication ability. The Tapeout general achievement designs the personnel to go on the market the timing control final link to the integrated circuit product. England flies Ling Zheikuan low power CMOS the RF chip it is said that is industry in the first section similar product, moreover it is said surpasses the existing standard, can in 3-5GHz and the 6-9GHz frequency band transmission data, is decided by the WiMedia frequency allocation situation. England flies a spokesperson which insults to indicate that, "After this standard preparation is ready, we will start from first day to produce support this standard the product." UWB is faces the short distance real-time release multimedia content the essential technology. England flies insults the expression, it plans breaks through this application scope, called its energy conservation UWB transceiver for motion application and so on the handset has carried on the optimization. Therefore, it possibly uses in the multimedia intelligent handset, supports the high resolution to demonstrate as well as to regard the audio frequency uniform flux media. England flies insults stated that, this section transceiver chip design uses in the mobile equipment, but also may apply in the WiMedia frequency band scope. Equipment engineer may aim at its goal market to carry on the design programming to the chip frequency of use. The above transceiver has used 90 nanometer CMOS technology which England flies insults, this design is England flies insults realizes the single chip UWB product first step. England flies Ling Huan to indicate that, it planned in 2007 center promotes section WiMedia year after year the compatible UWB chip, contains MAC, PHY and RF.
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