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Intel, AMD to be released ahead of the four core processor, the nuclear "core" war starts again.
Accesses the net the time: On July 26, 2006
Article origin: International electronic market condition
The processor domain contention will start, this Intel and the AMD competition focal point changed four nuclear processors markets. Intel will express will take the lead to kill into this market, and the plan year's end front will promote four nuclear processors in 2006; But AMD also unwillingly falls behind, will promote four nuclear processors the plans ahead of time, and declared its overhead construction design will be true "four cores". The Intel four nuclei plans ahead of time, sends the strength server and the game market Intel recently indicated that, plans year's end front promotes four nuclear processors in 2006, its edition estimated seals two 双核 processors for the single processor. When Intel starts in 2006 year's end pays four nuclear processors, to the polynuclear processor development can attack the mainstream the X86 server and the table model computer processor market. Intel president concurrently chief executive officer Paul Otellini indicated that, year's end will promote face the server and the table model computer four nuclear processors in 2006, but will not be in 2007 which originally will plan first quarter. Paul Otellini pointed out that, the server and the game are two may use to four nuclear superiority markets, because might supply the use software already to have the multithreading. Intel plans promotes is section will contain two 双核 Core 2 Duo four nuclear processors, face the table model computer market, estimated while will issue Core 2 Duo the foreign announcement. According to the before report, Intel will use is similar to initially promotes 双核 the processor strategy □□first to issue the multi- chips way, Woodcrest which recently issued with two the Xeon processor seals first section to use in the server four nuclear processors; But face the table model computer market, Intel will use soon promotes 双核 the Conroe processor to seal four nuclear editions. In 2005, after Intel uses two single nuclei Pentium processor seal, creates first section 双核 processor Pentium D. Intel slightly late promotes 双核 edition Pentium and the Xeon processor in this year, continued to use the convention to use the monolithic electric circuit ledger wall. AMD declared its overhead construction design is true "four cores" AMD also unwillingly falls behind, will promote four nuclear processors the plans ahead of time. Recently held in 2006 in the second quarter earning teleconference, AMD president concurrently chief executive officer Dirk Meyer indicated that, this company surely promoted before 2006 year's end uses the new overhead construction four nuclear processors, he indicated, "our new microprocessor overhead construction was researching and developing the stage, estimated will take the lead in four nuclear processors which used in 2007 the intermediate stage to promote." This June holds the technical analysis date (Technoloy Analyst Day) on, AMD once expressed will be able second half year to promote the brand-new microprocessor K8L overhead construction code number in 2007 will be Hound family's Rev.H four cores processor; Refers to the new overhead construction the plan, AMD expressed will include L3 Cache, 32 takes the instruction, the pair of 128 SSE data stream, as well as each cycle will call in 128 buffers. And, AMD emphasized its overhead construction design is true "four cores", is the pure monolithic electric circuit 双核 processor, meant in each processor contains 4 independent microprocessors essences, likes its competitor Intel only is by no means purely two double cores seals in together. AMD indicated that, each core has own L1 Cache and L2 Cache, L1 the Cache capacity is 64K and has 2 group of 128Bit data transfer channel, each cycle might 2 biographies take the movement, L2 the Cache capacity is 512KB but four cores can begin using same L3 Cache. AMD already planned promotes section in view of to play the family market the chip, named 4×4. Uses AMD the hypertransport technology to connect two 双核 processors, it is said that may obtain four nuclear processors the performance performance, and the plan marches the holiday market by this section product. In the table model computer market, AMD and Intel all expressed the second quarter tabletop processor average selling price walks lowly. The AMD aspect believed that, the average price walks lowly is because the channel had the special problem, simultaneously Intel also greatly pushes the low price strategy in the table model computer processor market; But AMD indicated that, will be able to lower in certain situations to these prices to the service which will be unable to gain adopts the nimble method. The AMD whole world sale and the market carry out vice- president Henri Richard to indicate that, "we cannot purely for expand the market to adopt bleed reduce prices the motion." Regarding the future third quarter, AMD will display optimistically, thought although the table model computer market will encounter the problem, but the notebook and the server sale and the average selling price performance will be steady. The Intel aspect also estimated that, in 2006 third and the fourth quarter can obtain a better sale, but will carry on the forecast to the future average selling price change tendency. In the non- X86 processor domain, the multi- chips technology has already had period of time, including Sun Microsystems UltraSparc T1, or is called the Niagara processor. This section processor appears on the market in 2005 year's end, integrated 8 Sparc processor essence in the single chip. Similarly in 2005 the fourth quarter, IBM has promoted face the server market four nuclei Power5+ processor.
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