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China's mobile television standard to be determined, Foreign company invest the huge attention in DMB.
Accesses the net the time: On August 1, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition
According to the headquarters supposes to London's DAB technical developer RadioScape Corporation chief executive officer John Hall stated that, this company is beginning with several Chinese university and the company cooperates the development in view of the motion television standard based on the DMB realization plan, and is persuading the Chinese policy formulation department to use the best technical implementation migration television. When the company announced "several million US dollars" will use in to Hong Kong's development center investment when will develop based on DAB wireless and the migration television reception equipment and the technology, Hall to EE-Times Europe said. The path with South Korea which "China will step onto which will have the situation is similar, South Korea develops the present to invest commercial own land DMB (T-DMB) the standard. The foundation technology will be DAB. Our role is provides the help in the engineering aspect, and provides the suggestion and the recommendation. At present the stage very will be difficult to say China appears how difference the motion television edition will have, I suspected it will have the very big difference with other editions." He is not willing to the correlation timetable to express the view, "I cannot conclude in 2007 year's end before we can see moves the television the massive uses. But in 2008 the Olympic Games are a compulsory goal, I guessed that will be the start which massively uses." Hall name. Hall indicated that, "China's market is a huge opportunity as it concerns us, we had to base on us already help locally to broadcast the DMB infrastructure which operation business constructed. So far has installed in 14 local digital radiobroadcasting system, some 13 have used our transmission system." Including Beijing pleased dragon numeral broadcast media science and technology limited liability company (Beijing Jolon Digital Media Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) □ Shanghai East pearl group and Guangdong Guangdong broad numeral multimedia broadcast limited company. RadioScape has set up the office in Hong Kong to support the local manufacturer, more importantly has custom-made uses in DAB receiver each kind of module, the office staff opens when from two years 5 rapidly increased to 25. "Our last year started directly to sell the product, and had the joint capital factory in Shenzhen which continued to grow." Hall supplements the road. Company in Shenzhen's factory manufacture based on Texas Instruments DSP receiver module, as well as more and more many voluntarily designs RF IC and software. "The development center most will start to have 10 staffs. How haven't we to developed the center to develop the hypothesis goal, but this domain regarding the numeral wireless and the motion television all is the biggest opportunity, but its prospect will be decided by this opportunity truly emerges is much quick." Have custom-made the work besides the development and the user, Hong Kong's operation is supporting RadioScape to be also very important based on the local entire supply chain management. The part, the PCB purchase, makes and delivers goods locally by controls. Hall is called the European market manufacture in the digital wireless module 70%-80% is designs and the manufacture in China. In other situation, RadioScape Corporation stated on July 27 that, it started to sell based on recently announces may largely reduce the power loss and front end reduced part quantity RF IC the chip technology first section DAB receive module. Is called RS220 the module to compare to the company RS200VE product, may reduce a half power loss, is equal works 8 hours battery capacities to 6 D battery. Hall called in at July 27 expense seminar, some 3 Chinese manufacturer had demonstrated uses RS220 the DAB receiver, soon the people also saw Europe the well-known brand uses RS220.
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