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China and European invest the industrial base of Shenyang, try its automotive electronics industrial chain.
Accesses the net the time: On July 7, 2006
Article origin: Electronic engineering special edition

A total investment cost reached 650 million Yuan automobiles micro electrons chip plan to implement on the other day, the Chinese Shenyang - European Union economic development zone officially lays a foundation. This plan anticipated annual production will surpass 100 million US dollars, and will drive one batch of automobiles semiconductors industry chain to enter Shenyang. It is reported, this plan in this year will start the workshop and the correlation foundation supplementary equipment construction, and will start in the next year to carry on the trial production. In the near future and so on 7 plans also has signed a treaty including the automobile semiconductor enters the development zone, plans issue of total investment cost exceed 1 billion Renminbi; Liaoning and the prosperous Chinese valuable automobile electron company, at present invested the production management, the German Walter group and so on more than 20 large-scale foreign capitals plans also is discussing, estimated outside an issue of contract the capital amount will surpass 500 million US dollars. China's Shenyang - European Union's economic development zone predecessor is the Shenyang Germany industry garden area, in recently officially promoted for the provincial level development zone, at present positively applies to become the Chinese country level economic development zone. At present had big plant and so on German BMW, Simens falls the foot this garden area. But before 2008, a European Union economic development zone issue of construction will finish, will introduce 28 plans, total investment cost 2.05 billion Yuan; To 2010, two issue of constructions investments scale will amount to 26.26 billion Yuan. Future the Shenyang - European Union economic development zone, will lock in this region BMW, GM, the Chinese early morning gold cup and so on the entire vehicle merchant, does for the automobile electron zero module supply center, and expands its support scope to Changchun, Beijing, Tianjin and so on three Chinese automobile industry base.
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